No one in college knows I used to write my own quotes in a medium-sized beige notebook that has brown spine. But, people from my high school knew about it. [Edit: I began this in 4th year high school.] I even let some people read through it. I wrote on it everyday. I brought it to class, I write on it before starting school work at night, and I read some of it before going to bed. It was my outlet of everything emotional and mental. But, mostly I wanted it to be inspirational and hope-filled. 

I wrote quotes from writers and quotes from movies. You could say I got the idea from Jamie’s mom in “A Walk to Remember”, which is still my favorite love story. 🙂

Anyway, I found that notebook again today. I was actually looking for a quote one of my friends texted me before (yes, I rewrite even long text messages into that notebook even if took me some time). But, instead of finding what I was looking for, I found this. I actually put dates & times, too. And this one, I wrote on April 17, 2012. 00:02 AM 

Dear, old self. What were you thinking & feeling when you wrote this? Well, whatever it was, I’m thankful now that you did.