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None but Jesus

Many times people said “Jesus–the only one who died and rose again.” I silently questioned this since may mga binuhay si Jesus, diba? So how could they say he was the only one who rose again? Pero tonight, nareveal lang din sakin na “No one else has been able to predict his own ressurection and then accomplish it.” Oo nga naman! Siya mismo ang bumuhay sa sarili niya, I mean, by God’s power. Hindi siya binuhay ng ibang tao. And when he was predicting this, He was very confident that He was telling the truth, that He will really live through His crucifixion and death. And true enough, He lived through that death and He still lives now in Heaven! Wow, God!

Some people live through a really bad car accident. Some people live through a major operation/surgery that could have cost them their life. Some people live through years of cancer. Some people live through the worst murder attempts. Some people live through paranormal experiences. And they all live to tell the story. They all claim to have had “the near-death experience” but at some point they still have to meet the kiss of death. No one lives forever.

But who is that one person who lived through death itself and now still lives at the right hand of God, in heaven, the kingdom believers will someday inherit?

No one else but Jesus, the living God! 🙂