Diary: List of today’s events

I just want to remember things that happened today

  • I was pricked three times for Bio22 Lab and yeah, I confirmed I have Type O blood. :))
  • My Bio lab table consists of morbid people, forcing the frog to eat its own heart and pes. :(( Morbid people are morbid. And we just laughed at it. And nakakapanggigil talagang islice-slice yung frog skin and muscles. #morbid #futuresurgeons HAHA WHAT
  • During Philo 1 class, we were taught about fallacies in reasoning, i.e. ad hominem, ad ignorantiam, etc. :))
  • Worried but settled with the amount of review I had for the Bio 22 lec exam. Haha, weeks of delay & postponement and I still couldn’t claim I was ready for that exam.
  • I finished cutting out some stars, yey! Haha
  • Finished the errand I needed to do.
  • Went to UNight and saw Ptr. Daniel again, after a loooooong time. He really reminds me of those first youth services I attended and the venue was in H. Plaza. Memories!! #nostalgia
  • Dinner was good, for the first time I was quite satisfied with the Adobo place in U-Mall. Haha
  • Finally, I claimed my FREE venti drink from Starbucks :)) Yey green tea cream! Funny kase I told the cashier I wanted “green tea-ice blended” Then he corrected me “Uhm, Green Tea cream ma’am?” :))))))) HAHA Okaaaay. Sa CBTL  pala yun :)) Haha anyway, masaya parin! =)))

And of course, maraming revelations sakin si God through the day and the Unight preacing. I’m very excited for tomorrow. 🙂 Hayyyy, God. Nakaktuwa Kayo! 🙂 Thank You so much! 🙂


We didn’t have large UPM banners on the first day so ok Hi UPLB friends 🙂 Day 1 was wonderful starter! 🙂

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