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Key Lessons: January 2018

Constant reflection is an important practice. Here’s some of the reminders I collected in January:

  1. There are inconveniences or even pains we have to endure in order to retrieve or access what’s eternally more important.
  2. Never let go of your hope and vision for the future. It’s the only thing that can keep you going when the process becomes painful or confusing.
  3. There is no breakthrough without the “breaking through.”
  4. Always treasure moments of rest.
  5. Don’t let the rain at the end of the day make you forget the sunshine that woke you up in the morning.
  6. Things take time, relax. The seed doesn’t turn into a tree overnight.
  7. In the same way, what you invest in now may take time to produce its returns. Have faith in your investments. Don’t begrudge it for taking its time to unfold naturally.
  8. Tragic things often happen to cause us trudge away from even more danger.
  9. The world is dynamic, but temporary.
  10. Do not be consumed by the temporal.
Cover photo was taken during my flight to Thailand to attend the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2018. We were about to land when I took it. 🙂
Photography & Digital Art, Travel

An Escolta + Estero Weekend

A few months ago, my friend and I decided to do something outside the usual Saturday morning routine. After breakfast, we rode a jeepney to Escolta and visited The Hub Make Lab and The Den (Map). Then, we walked through China Town under the heat of the sun to find the sea food place popularly known as Estero, aptly named for its location–right beside a tiny creek.

2017-07-28 09.57.28 1.jpg

2017-07-28 09.57.27 1.jpg

2017-07-28 09.57.24 1.jpg

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Countries I Want to Live In

Prompt #4: Where would you like to live one day?

Lately, I’ve been wanting to travel to more countries, so I’ve become more intent on doing research. I’ve already seen so many photos, travel itineraries, bucketlists, historical sites, and lots of interesting stories about popular countries to visit. I have only been to 2 countries (including my own), so I really have so much more to cover.

When I read this prompt, the first thought that came to me was: what countries I wanted to live in. You can actually answer this prompt by describing a dream home, or maybe just characteristics of the surroundings, like maybe the seaside or at the edge of a mountain. But since countries are always at the back of my mind, I’m listing down 3 countries I want to live in someday, maybe not permanently, but even for a few months or years at a time.

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