Character & Leadership, Heiress of His Promise

Fill in the blank.

I really appreciated how Coach Enrico presented the preaching earlier today about adultery and lust. It began from the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:8 which says,

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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Mr. & Ms. iSMT questions [suggestions] :))

1. Sabi sa pledge na nirerecite mo tuwing Lunes, “I am a Philippine Science High School Scholar,committed to the pursuit of excellence, foremost in my academic life and later” what kind of excellence in life are you pursuing?

2. Ano ang paborito mong linya ng PSHS Hymn at bakit?

3. You’ve read the Calcu books, You’ve watched the Science shows, What’s the best way to compute for the velocity, no one knows, yeah, Meditate about Relativity, get hypnotized. Anything to take from your mind, Corpus callosum. But it won’t go, yes, Trigo”  Are you doing all these things out of desperation? why or why not?

4. Dear, Mr/Ms. Ideal SMT Personality candidate, kung ideal gas ka, ano ka at ilang moles ang kailangan mo para maging 1M ang concentration mo sa iyong studies. de joke HAHAHA ito nalang: Dear, Mr/Ms. Ideal SMT Personality candidate, kung ideal gas ka, ano ka at bakit?

5. Para may mai-save ka, kailangan mong ibato yung anti-matter sa taong pinakamalapit sa’yo. Sa right, pamilya mo, sa left, mga Pisayers, sinong isa-save mo?

6. Kung SMT teacher ka, sino ka at bakit??

7. Kung SMT subject ka, ano ka at bakit??

8. Would you rather live in a place without technology or a place where technology controls you?

9. Papayag ka bang tanggalin ang stipends sa lahat ng PSHS Campuses pero gagamitin ito sa pagpapatayo ng mga elementary schools ng mga indigenous peoples or mga Aeta sa Katagalugan? (di ko alam connect nito sa SMT, pero gusto ko lang itanong haha :D)

10. If you had to choose only one, would it be Science or Faith?