At the library

She sits on her new favorite chair

Surrounded by the books she must fall in love with

“Long gone and moved on” in her ears, The Cab soothes her

Motionless, she drowns herself in past memories

Running back to a moment a thousand miles away

Relishing for what nth of time, she can’t even remember

The last dance she had withyoung love

Everything flows in her mind rapidly as lahar

And as if on cue, same as every time she remembered it

The memories stop on a day, 9 months and 3 days ago

Why her visions always stopped on that day

She’s not really sure why, or maybe she knows…

Because it was on that day that the hot sun turned into ice

When her fragile heart was let go, dropped, and shattered into nothingness

Then, the music in her ears dies down to a cease

And the voices of people around her come alive

She notices where she is again, things she has to do

Letting out another sad sigh, she gathers her things

She stands up and walks out of the comfort of college books

And into the streets, she sees what her reality has become

No longer a prisoner of that poignant memory

She breathes in the noise of the cars and listens to the smoke in the air

Still confused, but undoubtedly happy

Aware that she’s free, and loved by Somebody

She smile and erases the writings on a slate in her memory






Lord, make my heart still

My heart and soul is not in rest
I am worried and my mind is flying off
Remove this constant worry, Lord
Give me assurance for my future
Do not let the enemy win over me
Give me the strength to overcome this war
My anxiety comes from an uncertain future
I am nauseous of what is yet to come
There are things that I am not in control of
And they make me nervous and scared
The plans I am having look pale
They look like they won’t be succeeding soon
Please, Lord, don’t let this happen
May this just be a fruitless worry
I hope my aspirations grow into maturity
And my dreams will still come true
I can’t handle this pressure in my heart
Without making a mess of what I have now
My prayer is peace of heart and mind
That I will no longer worry about what is still untold
Help me hold on to my Faith
Allow me to believe in what I have hoped for
I lift up to You all of my nonsense worries
So that you can shower down more blessings
Help me, Lord and make my heart still