Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback

It’s been a long time since I’ve written last
Trying to forget a mangled past
Now there’s nothing
Of feeling nothing
Not being interested at all
Knowing you deserve it
And don’t deserve it at the same time
It doesn’t matter anymore
No more lost feelings
They’re tucked in a blanket of remorse
And all the hopelessness is lost
There’s something more to life than this
More meaning and more confusion, yes
Fluctuations have to happen sometimes
As long as your average walk
Is ascendant and not simply straight
All these lines just mean
You’re gonna lose a lot;
Moving forward isn’t easy
You’re going to have to let go of favorites
And even dispatch some really good things
But this is not for nothing
Someday you’ll enjoy the freedom
You’re going to see the light
Hidden somewhere in the darkness you’re in
Walk steadily, walk forward
Don’t just move in your place
Move forward, look forward to new things
Be excited about what’s ahead
And slowly learn to trust that in your fall in the past
Someone caught you and is putting you back on your feet 🙂