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For the entire year that passed I wasn’t able to write anything. Was there nothing worth writing about? Not at all. There were actually so many things I could’ve made a series of posts on, but it all happened too fast for me to even grasp what was quickly passing by.

All I could think of at the moment is how different my life is now.

From the rush of last year, I have come to a complete stop. In some ways it has been hard and emotional, and in other ways, it has been the easiest time of my life. This season is probably the most telling of how unprecedented God’s grace really is. And all I can do is bask in His love and goodness.

It is still a battle of fear and of hope. But as the year ends and a new season is ushered in, I can only sit still and be grateful for the beauty of never being alone. Friends. Family. Friends that have turned into family. I am surrounded by love.

Life is different now.

But the experience of God’s love and grace is still the same.

Heiress of His Promise, Personal


Pasasalamat, n. gratitude or indulgence

In the past few weeks, including the closing weeks of 2017, I had a lot of fleeting moments of immense gratitude.

Noticing something I bought months ago that’s propped up on the bookshelf, or remembering an experience that was once a prayer, or seeing faces of people I have come to love all over facebook. Each time — flashes of joy spreading through my body accompanied by humbling gratitude from the overwhelming realisation of the love from my ever-faithful God.

Here are some things that have made me feel that simple but powerful gratitude.

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At some impeccable moment of forgiveness

We get a lightning of memories flash inside us

Remember, for one last time, the pain and the events

And after setting aside, the lesson that came with it

We let go and stop holding on forever

Standing up and walking away from the broken pieces

Not because it’s worthless to fix these fragments

But, because as the Light shines upon the shards of glass

You know that there is beauty at every glisten of it

And you take peace from the simplicity of everything

That broken things have to be put away

And space must be made for new things to surface

So forgive while you still can and never remember

Move on with the courage to be happy again

Live with the encouragement of God’s guidance

And take heart that even through the struggles

You will never be separated from His love