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There was a list of acronyms on a piece of paper at the triage desk and I was asking the resident about the ones I haven’t encountered before.

“Sir, anong ibig sabihin ng S.O.D.?”
“Surgeon-On-Duty”, answered the resident who oversaw us volunteers at the Pedia ER.

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There is no February 29 this year.

And so the month ends again

Bringing with it all the lives that ended during its reign

I just hope as the month of February says goodbye

The chain of loss and heartbreaks end as well

No more trying to hold back the tears and sadness

As the pleasant kind of love hid itself from me and my friends

And the kind of love that hogged the limelight

Was the kind that forced many of us to weep and eventually let go

Yes, February ends tonight

And another months creeps into the year

As pain falls into dusk, hope dawns on us on the first day of March



Nakakainis ‘yung sobrang dami niyang ipaparamdam sa’yo tapos bigla-bigla na lang siyang maglalaho na parang walang nangyari. Parang ilang araw lang ‘yung lumipas tapos nawala na lahat, nakalimutan na niya lahat ng mga sinabi niya sa’yo. Tapos maguguluhan ka na lang dahil pakiramdam mo ang tanga tanga mo dahil naniwala ka, dahil nahulog ka ulit kahit sinabi mo na sa sarili mong papatayin mo na lahat ng nararamdaman mo para dun sa tao. Kaso nabigo ka, tapos siya masaya pa rin. Nakakainis. Ang daya-daya.


I haven’t been paying much attention to people who cut, but then I saw this. </3

Please,please don’t ever do this to your body. Whether it’s just a small one on your palm, on your wrist, on your legs, or wherever. Please, don’t. 😦

If you know someone who does, please comfort him/her. Please make them feel that they are important and that they’re loved. Because they truly are. Our Father would never want us to do this to our precious bodies.

And let’s be more considerate of our actions and words. We don’t know how much they could actually affect the people we direct them at. Some hearts are really very sensitive and it can manifest in dangerous ways like this one.

If you can’t bear to see this on your body, then at least be sensitive enough to those who are so weak that their only strength is to cut their skin. Imagine their pain. Imagine what depression, sadness, or anxiety they’re going through.

This isn’t normal. And it shouldn’t be.

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It shouldn’t be