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Writer Andrea Badgley reflects on the value of her writing practice: “Details are meaning enough. Being present in a moment is meaning enough.”

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Today, I decided to create a separate blog for my literary works, advocacies, and photography.

A compendium of thoughts structured into melodies in the form of words. A place I can call my own editorial column. A digital photojournal where I can dump my pieces for the world to glimpse at.

Welcome, welcome.


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Conclusion to my paper

Hum Stud 25 paper conclusion

Twilight is a really beautiful story, with all of its twists and mysteries. But, beyond the great novel that Twilight is, it became a great hit because of how profoundly it reflects the lives of people—that many people find themselves in the literature. Many people could relate to the book’s plot as it paralleled a certain event in their life. And because of this parallelism, many people have found their hearts being healed from the pain of the tragedies, that somehow they found escape and comfort in the reality that they are not alone, that maybe somewhere in the world, someone gets them in their pain, or maybe someone even has it worse. Books do this to us; they reopen the wound so that they can heal better. Books make us cry the tears that our once hardened hearts couldn’t shed. Authors more often steal the exact words from our mouths that we tried so hard to express but couldn’t speak. Oh, the pang in the heart as we read the character’s outflow of emotions and in the back of our minds, we could hear our own voices saying the exact words. Or it could be the other way around, maybe it’s someone’s voice directing the lines at our very hearts. This book will be reread for many more generations as long as young Bellas in need of hope, handsome Edwards who symbolize greatness, eternal beauty and nobility, vegetarian Cullens, iron ruling Volturi, and forbidden love still exists, Twilight will always have power over the heart and people will always find even a little part of themselves in the words of this novel. 


A life lived the wrong way

How to live your life the wrong way. An old poem from one of my now untouched blogs:

This world will fade away
Intelligence and money will rust
Beauty and physique will be gone
The only thing left will be your friends
Only your family will be there
What will their testimony be
Will they say you have been faithful
Or will they claim not knowing you
Ask yourself if you have been humble
If you have been willing to help
Or if you have aimed only to succeed
And forgot your brothers and sisters
Only looking at your future
Neglecting the family you have in Christ
Because if that is the case
You have been living life wrong
Wrong, yes, terribly wrong
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What would I give…
For the imagination of youth
the inspiration of childhood
and the worryfree dreams of being a kid
I miss it now
I’m not sure why
All I know is
with a heavy sigh
I press on
into aging and changing as we always do
It almost makes me blue
Dreams and Pretending
Make Believe
Its a…

Mark Nicole Anicas: What would I give…For the imagination of youththe inspiration of…