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Influence vs Authority


This is definitely one principle that we really have to assess and understand both as followers and as leaders ourselves.

Do we understand the difference of influential and authoritative?

As followers, let’s look at people who have authority over us. Do we allow them to influence us or do they just exist as autocratic authority figures? Are there strong influencers in our lives who are not necessarily in a position of authority? What is it about them that has an impact in our lives?

As leaders, do we exercise our authority in order to influence others? Or do we influence others (hopefully positively) even without necessarily being in a position over them? Do we focus on authority? Do we live as a positive influence over others? Do we understand how much influence we can make on other people?

Having a clear picture of our influence and authority over other people can really improve our leadership towards a more effective and more authentic one.

Creative Writing


Prompt #14: What’s your schedule like?

If my friends read this, they’ll see how chill I really am in this season of being a working girl. In many ways, I’m thankful that I was given an 8-5 job, though it can be tiring at times. This lifestyle keeps everything in a peaceful routine. I don’t have to worry about sudden or unexpected changes.

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Highs and Lows

Prompt #7: List your highs and lows in the past year.

If I have to list down all the things that worked out and all the things that went wrong in the past year, it could be a blog on its own.

The past year has been constantly swinging from darkness to light like a pendulum. One moment, I am sunshine then suddenly I’m a shadow. It’s in those sunny days I remember what people say about how it’s terrifying being happy because you never know when it’s going to end. It’s a subtle fear you try to ignore, but it lingers anyway. It’s daily gripping the light because the drop leads to an abyss of anxiety and sadness.

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