Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback


My tears flood out of my eyes in a serious rage

I attempt to calm myself only to end up in grief

Mourning for this world and for its lost people

They way they allowed fear and anger to consume them

And in great shame, this brokenness is inherited by the children

Disheveled hearts remain caught up in darkness

A hidden door that could lead to freedom

This world grew tired and has ceased to search for its great liberation

It has settle for the fraudulent joy that surrounds us

My heart grieves as this naivete persists to exist

We pretend to be happy amidst the evident gloom

How long do we choose to continue this charades?

We act just to hide the shame and the pain

Burying ourselves in the temporary high

Only to wake up in the trenches, drowning

My eyes swell up in realization of the sadness that creeps into my thoughts

Will we ever be better?

Can we ever be healed?

When will we put down the mask and the costumes?

Is it too late to be real in a society rooted in pretensions?

I want to stop this crying and anxiety

And that’s when He reaches to my tired eyes, wipes my tears and reminds me of the Truth that has set me free

I found the door that leads to freedom

I turn the knob and forward, I am free.

10:51 PM October 5, 2013

Creative Writing, Heiress of His Promise, Tumblr Throwback

On a Hill, on the Cross

The world and its promises are fake

It tries to captivate me with itss lies

Once, I was easily tantalized in failures

I was so easily swayed to its beat

But now, I’m fully aware of the truth

My eyes have been opened, my heart renewed

Thoughts and mindsets: broken and being replaced

Now I’m a stronger fighter

Being built to not back down

I am restructured to soar into victory

He has given me a new chance to succeed

And I will not let this opportunity pass

I want to make the most of this great destiny

My inheritance is heaven!

I can’t live a life that’s less than worthy

It’s time to let go of the old self I posed

The butterfly within me longs to be free

And it deserves to be free

It’s freedom has already been paid 2,000 years ago

By a great Man, on a hill, on the Cross


Diary: List of today’s events

I just want to remember things that happened today

  • I was pricked three times for Bio22 Lab and yeah, I confirmed I have Type O blood. :))
  • My Bio lab table consists of morbid people, forcing the frog to eat its own heart and pes. :(( Morbid people are morbid. And we just laughed at it. And nakakapanggigil talagang islice-slice yung frog skin and muscles. #morbid #futuresurgeons HAHA WHAT
  • During Philo 1 class, we were taught about fallacies in reasoning, i.e. ad hominem, ad ignorantiam, etc. :))
  • Worried but settled with the amount of review I had for the Bio 22 lec exam. Haha, weeks of delay & postponement and I still couldn’t claim I was ready for that exam.
  • I finished cutting out some stars, yey! Haha
  • Finished the errand I needed to do.
  • Went to UNight and saw Ptr. Daniel again, after a loooooong time. He really reminds me of those first youth services I attended and the venue was in H. Plaza. Memories!! #nostalgia
  • Dinner was good, for the first time I was quite satisfied with the Adobo place in U-Mall. Haha
  • Finally, I claimed my FREE venti drink from Starbucks :)) Yey green tea cream! Funny kase I told the cashier I wanted “green tea-ice blended” Then he corrected me “Uhm, Green Tea cream ma’am?” :))))))) HAHA Okaaaay. Sa CBTL  pala yun :)) Haha anyway, masaya parin! =)))

And of course, maraming revelations sakin si God through the day and the Unight preacing. I’m very excited for tomorrow. 🙂 Hayyyy, God. Nakaktuwa Kayo! 🙂 Thank You so much! 🙂

Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback


The way he does his job
With discipline and enthusiasm
It was charming and captivating
Another ideal man

The way he talks to me
With kindness and honesty
It was refreshing to meet a real gentleman
Another ideal man

The way he shows leadership
With dedication and selflessness
It catches my eye to see him speak up
Another ideal man

The way he moves
With speed and grace
It was beautiful to see him dance
Another ideal man

The way he hits the notes
With emotion and facial expression
It was enchanting to listen to his voice
Another ideal man

The way he looked into my eyes
With sincerity and truth
It was an unforgettable moment
Another ideal man

The way he shared his faith
With conviction and eloquence
It was encouraging to hear his testimony
Another ideal man

The way I am so sensitive to these things these days
With amazement and thrill and hope
It’s not the time yet, I know, I’ll wait
Another wishful thinking

Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback

It’s been a long time since I’ve written last
Trying to forget a mangled past
Now there’s nothing
Of feeling nothing
Not being interested at all
Knowing you deserve it
And don’t deserve it at the same time
It doesn’t matter anymore
No more lost feelings
They’re tucked in a blanket of remorse
And all the hopelessness is lost
There’s something more to life than this
More meaning and more confusion, yes
Fluctuations have to happen sometimes
As long as your average walk
Is ascendant and not simply straight
All these lines just mean
You’re gonna lose a lot;
Moving forward isn’t easy
You’re going to have to let go of favorites
And even dispatch some really good things
But this is not for nothing
Someday you’ll enjoy the freedom
You’re going to see the light
Hidden somewhere in the darkness you’re in
Walk steadily, walk forward
Don’t just move in your place
Move forward, look forward to new things
Be excited about what’s ahead
And slowly learn to trust that in your fall in the past
Someone caught you and is putting you back on your feet 🙂



Enjoying Who God Created You to Be
by Joyce Meyer

Start believing today that you are a rare, one-of-a-kind, valuable and precious woman. To help you learn how to be successful at being yourself, I want to give you some easy-to-follow suggestions:

Speak good things about yourself. Declare what God’s Word says about you. For example, say to yourself, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am made acceptable in the Beloved. God formed me with His own hand, He loves me, and God doesn’t make mistakes.”

Avoid comparing yourself with other women. God must love variety, or all of us wouldn’t look so different. He has created each of us differently right down to our fingertips. We can look to certain people as good examples to follow, but even then, good traits if duplicated will manifest differently through our individual personalities.

Focus on your potential instead of your limitations. Refuse to concentrate on your weaknesses except in an effort to turn them into strengths. Keep your flaws in perspective. People with a high level of confidence have just as many weaknesses as those without confidence, but they focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

Learn to cope with criticism. If you dare to be different, you’ll have to expect some criticism. Going along with the crowd when you know in your heart that God is leading you in a different direction is one of the reasons women don’t succeed at being themselves. You won’t be comfortable in your own skin if you go against your own convictions.

You are a woman who is perfected and complete in Him. When you start to believe that, you will no longer feel that you are lacking anything or that there is anything wrong with you.

Remember this: God will never anoint you to be anyone other than yourself. Let now be your time to go forward and be set free from the torments of comparing yourself with others and trying to be someone you’re not. God is proud of who He made you to be!