God, may we receive precious & lasting intangible things this year 🙂 May You give us the tenacity & wisdom to weather through whatever this new year will bring. And always, thank You for your grace & love! In Jesus’ name! Amen! 💛


No one in college knows I used to write my own quotes in a medium-sized beige notebook that has brown spine. But, people from my high school knew about it. [Edit: I began this in 4th year high school.] I even let some people read through it. I wrote on it everyday. I brought it to class, I write on it before starting school work at night, and I read some of it before going to bed. It was my outlet of everything emotional and mental. But, mostly I wanted it to be inspirational and hope-filled. 

I wrote quotes from writers and quotes from movies. You could say I got the idea from Jamie’s mom in “A Walk to Remember”, which is still my favorite love story. 🙂

Anyway, I found that notebook again today. I was actually looking for a quote one of my friends texted me before (yes, I rewrite even long text messages into that notebook even if took me some time). But, instead of finding what I was looking for, I found this. I actually put dates & times, too. And this one, I wrote on April 17, 2012. 00:02 AM 

Dear, old self. What were you thinking & feeling when you wrote this? Well, whatever it was, I’m thankful now that you did.


There is no February 29 this year.

And so the month ends again

Bringing with it all the lives that ended during its reign

I just hope as the month of February says goodbye

The chain of loss and heartbreaks end as well

No more trying to hold back the tears and sadness

As the pleasant kind of love hid itself from me and my friends

And the kind of love that hogged the limelight

Was the kind that forced many of us to weep and eventually let go

Yes, February ends tonight

And another months creeps into the year

As pain falls into dusk, hope dawns on us on the first day of March


Power of Prayer

Prayer (PART 1 – The Simple Experience)

I was inspired by my today’s experience in praying. Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Hindi naman siya yung BOOM moment. For the past few weeks kasi, I haven’t been the diligent student I was a few weeks ago and I guess I didn’t really review well for thek exam I was supposed to have today. So, this morning I said to God, “God, bahala na po kayo. Alam ko hindi ako nagseryoso sa pag-aaral ngayon. Alam ko kulang pa pero basta God ikaw na bahala. Sana po kahit mga above 85% lang. Babawi na lang po ako next time.” Haha, ang bad ‘di ba? xD Binigyan pa ng cut off grade si God? 

So ayun, I just went to school early and went to the library. I was there for about an hour and a half. But did I spend the time studying? No, not really. =.=

I kind of spent 30 minutes reflecting about what I have been doing lately; I was relearning my thoughts, and writing a bit in my journal. Then, for about 20 minutes, I just scanned through the handouts until the cold cozy atmosphere in the lib attracted me to close my eyes and take a nap, which is what I did.

Then, 20 minutes before class, bumaba na ako from the lib to the classroom. As usual, usap-usap muna with friends. And then, ayun na yung sagot ni God sa prayer ko!! J))) No classes due to inclement weather!! 😀

I know it could simply be chance or coincidence, but for a person like me who is sensitive to the little signs through which God makes me feel Himself, I know it was Him who made this possible. I guess he gave me another chance by being able to review more for the exam. And the amazement I feel when I realize that He is so personally interested in me that he would cancel a day’s classes just to answer my little request is overwhelming. Grabe lang, God! J You would really do that for someone as imperfect as me? Ang amazing ni God! =))

Psalms 37:4Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

I was just reminded today of how real God is, and how powerful a sincere prayer can be. No request is too shallow for a God who loves us deeply. No prayer is so mundane that God would not listen to it. I know that as long as you pray sincerely and back it up with faith, no prayer will be unheard. No. Nothing can separate us from the Father Heart of God who loves taking care of his children. J


Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback

One failure

One failure has the ability to pull us down continuously, not because of the mistake itself, but because of our inability to let go and set ourselves free from the shackles of a single err. If we don’t learn the value of forgiving ourselves and forgetting our mistakes, we can never be able to move forward with life. Let things go. Live on. -Nov/13/2011 ♥