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Where do we go next?

It’s coming: the big fork in the road called graduation. The moment when the university spouts its students in a thousand directions, hoping we’ve learned just enough to find our way around the confusing alleys of careers and society. It’s surreal but exciting in a subtle way. So many things have happened that I’m sure many of us never thought life would turn out this way. We faced unexpected events and met unexpected people, too. But after getting used to the same rhythm of activities and academic requirements in the past four years, wherever life leads us would be a breath of fresh air.

Four years of being taught and turned onto our own personal axes, we are about to get out into the world and build not just society, but ourselves. We’ve only scratched the surface of adulthood and there is so much more that a 20-year old can discover in this vast and majestic globe. It’s an end of an era, yes; but real life is just about to begin. College has only been a trial, a practice test for the actual challenge. And the most important things we might ever take away from college doesn’t even include the laws and lists of scientific concepts, but the Hope that stretched us through the worst exams, the Courage that helped us step onto a platform and present three-months’ worth of work, the Spirit that kept us going even in the face of fear, and the Faith that made us believe we would ever earn a tassel or the UP student’s dream of a sablay.

There really is more to life than what we ever experienced in college. There is no regret but only contemplation of what has passed. This is merely a milestone, not the final destination. We might face greater giants and we might cower from bigger beasts of failures and defeat. But we will also meet more joys and grander victories outside the walls of our campus. The journey isn’t even half-way over and the good parts are just about to begin. Fellow graduate, goodbye for now. I hope wherever you’re going, you’re happy. And if I may ask: where are you going next?

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Happy graduation! :)

Hindi ko kasi kayo natawagan dahil, ugh, wala akong load 😦 sorry! Ito nalang. :>   

As of the moment, I am rushing a little bit to post this, eh ito lang ang naiisip kong picture so ito na lang. Haha ❤

Dearest Eka & Yana, I know hindi tayo yung all the time magkasama kind of friends nung high school. We’re the when there’s an issue, “Ateee!! Alam mo baa!!” kind of friends, or “Ate, anong meron dito sa *insert issue ko here* tapos ako naman, sige kuwento. 🙂 Pero siyempre, we’re the CSI gala poeps with ate Reyna! Haha. and kuya Eric girls woohoo! *Eka, Yana, Hanna, magbaba na raw kayo ng labada niyo, sabi ni kuya Eric!* hahaha 🙂

But, I miss you! I wish I could’ve spent more time with you, really. And babawi sana dapat ako ngayong college, pero YANA WHY YOU NOT HERE SA MANILA :(( I’m going to miss you even more now!!! Eka, I’m excited for you to come here! Sobrang, hihilain talaga kita sa lahat ng events (I mean, basta wala kang req’s or something Hehe) and kukulitin kita and yayain kumain, ganiyan. Tapos siyempre pag pupunta si Yana dito 😉 *ehem ehem* labas tayo!! Haha with Ate Reyna!! Haha AND EKA IPUPUSH KITANG MS. FRESHIE KAHIT SAANG COURSE KA PA MAPUNTA!! :PP hahaha pero siyempre GO, PH!! 😀 😀 😀 ❤

Hi Penny!! You’re in this picture, too!! Hahaha and since you’re going to be here in UP MANILA, guess what, siyempre hihilain din kita everywhere. Loljoke 😀 Sana hindi ka na mahiya sa akin like you said before, haha, 🙂 para close-close na, kokonti na nga lang tayong IRC-UPM e, haha 😀

HAPPY GRADUATION, GIRLS! Keep the faith alive and always think of the Man up there, controlling our lives, He has great plans! He will not let us fall; He will guide us to succeed and to surpass our temporary troubles. Lift up your burdens now. Let go of the bad things about high school and simply remember the happy moments and lessons that made us better people. Alam kong mamimiss niyo ang Pisay, because I do. Pero that’s okay, “High school was never meant to last forever”, HSM (2008). College will be a different challenge I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well. So, yun, cheers!!

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. -Isaiah 26:3

Have faith that life will still go well after high school. His plans are perfect and his plans are great! 🙂 God bless you, girls!! 🙂 ❤

And of course, we shall go out this summer!!! Hahaha ❤ ❤ ❤

Loves you and misses you, Ate Hanna :>