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Saved by Grace

I don’t remember when the word grace started resonating with me, but it has and in fact, it is from which the name of this blog was derived! In part, it’s a special word to me because the biblical definition of my name Hanna means just that, grace. However, it also encapsulates the unfolding of our relationship with God. In Ephesians 2:8-10, it reads

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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Pareto Principle ~ Grace

Usually my bosses, who are so much like mentors to us, would send us some articles or readings that would be helpful for us. Maybe it’s a new discovery in public health or a story about professionalism. Recently, one of them sent an article about the Pareto Principle. In summary, this is what it meant:

“The 80-20 rule or the Pareto Principle is a rule of thumb that states that 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of all causes for a given event. In its simplest terms, it will typically show that a disproportionate improvement can be achieved by ranking various causes of a problem and by concentrating on those solutions or items with the largest impact. The basic premise is that not all inputs have the same or even proportional impact on a given output. (1,2)”

It was very interesting to discover that there’s actually a term and a theory for this concept that I’ve observed for a very long time. We’ve all probably had that friend that reviewed very little in contrast to the entire scope of a test and those came out as the major topic covered. Or maybe we saw other groups work quickly or even cram a project, but in the end their efforts paid off better than others who spent so much time doing the work. Maybe we have observed this in ourselves, how we feared that our output is not adequate, but later we find out that the seemingly insignificant output contained the essential elements that the teacher or boss wanted to see, thereby making our work actually excellent for them.

To me, this is an economic principle that also perfectly describes the grace of God. In truth, 80% of what I do has very little impact on the outcomes of my life. Honestly, I would say I have done very little to get where I am now compared to the grace of God that abounded in my trials and pruning seasons. In reality, even if I have done that 80% effort, that’s probably never enough to be translated into something worthwhile.

Conversely, there’s that 20% of God’s grace that produced 80% of what is my life right now. There may be correlation to my efforts and what I achieve or produce, but there is absolute causality when it comes to the grace of God. In fact, if we take it to the extreme. Even if I only allow 1% of God’s grace to flow in my live because of my stubbornness and selfishness, God would still be the cause for 99% of my successes. Scratch that, how about 100%?

I just can’t help but believe and bask in this picture for my life. Concentrating on the grace of God will more likely produce the greatest impact than otherwise. And God’s grace is so powerful we can’t really quantify it in percentages or a series of values. When I keep this a daily mindset or the overall paradigm of how I live my life, all the more I realise that my dependence on God is valuable in the transformation of my life to what He has designed and purposed for me. And in that place, I achieve my fullest potential, my 100% outcome. Perfection. But perfection not in the worldly definition, but perfection in achieving what I was placed in this world for.

(1) The 80-20 Rule by Investopedia
(2) Pareto Efficiency by Investopedia

Heiress of His Promise

Rage, Rage

Have you ever had that time when you felt that your heart has been stagnant almost inactive? I know I have. It is unlike those days that I feel on fire for the Word, on fire to inspire and to encourage. It feels like just passing by. Like I’m living on the bare minimum, just passing through the moment.

And somehow, these words resounded to me:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

These words are from a poem by Dylan Thomas. Analysts say it’s a poem about fighting death—the physical kind, about not allowing yourself to passively wait for “that good night”, about fighting for life as much as you can.

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Heiress of His Promise

One Identity

Earlier this year I created this blog as a separate place where I can write about things I do in my life. I thought I should separate it from the blog where I wrote about my faith. I reasoned that I wanted my previous blog to just be about faith.

This week I read one of Arianne Serafico’s posts (actually she has a free online course on this topic) where she talked about previously having a separate Instagram account for her business/creative pursuits and from her personal Instagram account. She talked about how she didn’t want to put it all in her personal account for fear of making it too sales-y or just weird and awkward. In a way, I realised that maybe I made separate blogs also because I didn’t want people who read my blog posts to see my posts about faith. I felt like I didn’t want people to think I was too “religious” or “church-y”.

But, it doesn’t feel right to have a split identity. I shouldn’t be creating a schism on what I do on a daily basis from the very thing that influences my motives and decisions: my faith. So now, I’m placing them all in one place. Here.

Previously, I owned the domain names unprecedentlife(dot)wordpress(dot)com and heiressofapromise(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

Now, welcome to unprecedentgrace.wordpress.com where I strive to reconcile both parts of my identity into one. Cheers to being whole!




Are you facing a situation today that seems impossible? Even if you don´t see how things will work out, remember, you are created to overcome. As a child of the Most High God, the Greater One lives on the inside of you. There are seeds of faith planted in your heart, and the way you activate those seeds is by the words of your mouth. Begin to declare, “I am bigger than this problem. I am created to overcome. I am destined to live in victory because the Greater One lives inside of me.”

Friend, when you start speaking like that, all of heaven hears you and gets behind what you are saying. That´s why it´s so important to stir up the fire that God has placed on the inside of you. Don´t just sit back and be passive. That obstacle may look impossible, but God wouldn´t have allowed it in your life if He didn´t already know that you could overcome it! Quit looking at your difficulties as obstacles that are going to hold you back and start looking at them as opportunities that are going to push you forward into the live of victory He has in store for you!


2nd semester AY 2012-2013: Ending soon

Patapos na ang sem, and dumadami na naman ang mga posts about grades and finals. Pressure!! 😦 Ayoko na maulit ang lagapak kong first sem 😐 Pero bakit ba? Kelan ba ginamit ni God ang grades as basis for his love for us? ❤

Nothing should be more important than God, not even those grades that we work so hard for. In the end, wala namang uno o tres sa pagmamahal ni God eh. :))

PSALM 125:1 Those who trust in the LORD are as secure as Mt. Zion; they will not be defeated but will endure forever. 🙂

Gracious si God:)) We should feel secure no matter how this semester ends.:)