Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback


My tears flood out of my eyes in a serious rage

I attempt to calm myself only to end up in grief

Mourning for this world and for its lost people

They way they allowed fear and anger to consume them

And in great shame, this brokenness is inherited by the children

Disheveled hearts remain caught up in darkness

A hidden door that could lead to freedom

This world grew tired and has ceased to search for its great liberation

It has settle for the fraudulent joy that surrounds us

My heart grieves as this naivete persists to exist

We pretend to be happy amidst the evident gloom

How long do we choose to continue this charades?

We act just to hide the shame and the pain

Burying ourselves in the temporary high

Only to wake up in the trenches, drowning

My eyes swell up in realization of the sadness that creeps into my thoughts

Will we ever be better?

Can we ever be healed?

When will we put down the mask and the costumes?

Is it too late to be real in a society rooted in pretensions?

I want to stop this crying and anxiety

And that’s when He reaches to my tired eyes, wipes my tears and reminds me of the Truth that has set me free

I found the door that leads to freedom

I turn the knob and forward, I am free.

10:51 PM October 5, 2013