No one in college knows I used to write my own quotes in a medium-sized beige notebook that has brown spine. But, people from my high school knew about it. [Edit: I began this in 4th year high school.] I even let some people read through it. I wrote on it everyday. I brought it to class, I write on it before starting school work at night, and I read some of it before going to bed. It was my outlet of everything emotional and mental. But, mostly I wanted it to be inspirational and hope-filled. 

I wrote quotes from writers and quotes from movies. You could say I got the idea from Jamie’s mom in “A Walk to Remember”, which is still my favorite love story. 🙂

Anyway, I found that notebook again today. I was actually looking for a quote one of my friends texted me before (yes, I rewrite even long text messages into that notebook even if took me some time). But, instead of finding what I was looking for, I found this. I actually put dates & times, too. And this one, I wrote on April 17, 2012. 00:02 AM 

Dear, old self. What were you thinking & feeling when you wrote this? Well, whatever it was, I’m thankful now that you did.


Happiness, Tom Walsh

I try very hard to learn from people who are unhappy, for I believe that they are the people who can best teach me how to be happy.  Ironically enough, these are often the people who put up the greatest facade of happiness–always bright and cheerful among company, but when you talk to them alone, you find a great deal of discontent or frustration or anger or discouragement.

I’ve found that happiness isn’t all that difficult.  It’s been very important for me to do several things on my path to happiness, and here they are, in no particular order:

Be true to myself, my principles, and my faith.  This faithfulness to myself keeps me from beating myself up over actions that I’m not proud of.  If i base my actions on principle and truly follow that principle, I won’t engage in the self-denigration that Ive seen so many others (especially alcoholics) engage in.

Give up the thoughts of being HAPPY.  Somehow our culture has turned happiness into this unobtainable permanently ecstatic state–a result of too many people in entertainment and advertising who have no idea of what happiness truly is trying to tell us how to be happy. They’re not the problem–the problem is, we listen.

Not worry about things or events.  As andy rooney says above, happiness has less to do with major events or the versions of success fed to us by unhappy people from Hollywood or Madison Avenue than with acceptance and awareness and appreciation of the little things in our lives, like this wonderful computer that allows me to build this website and share these great people’s words with so many others.  And it’s one of the cheaper computers, certainly not a top-of-the-line model.  But it does a great job, and I love it, and I don’t spend time wishing for anything more. 

Focus on others and their needs, without getting obsessive about it and robbing myself of quiet time and recreational time.  I’m useless to others if I’m not rested and in full command of my senses.  I work at balancing what I give of time and effort with what I need to keep going and to stay happy.  I often say yes when people ask me to help, but I often say no, too.  It depends on where I am and how it will affect other aspects of my life.  Some of the least happy people I know give so much of themselves that they’re always tired and cranky, and they often start resenting the very people they’re supposed to help.

Find my niches.  I would love to play the guitar and piano, but I’m not that good at either.  I am good at other things, so instead of spending tons of time trying to learn a little bit of everything, I try to focus on my strengths.  I can play chords on the guitar and enjoy it, but to spend hours and hours trying to get really good–well, there are plenty of great guitar players out there who can make up for my absence in the world of music.

All in all, I know that happiness is obtainable, and the first quotation of this page is a very telling one.  Ask yourself if you don’t have everything in your life that can make you happy, and then ask yourself if you’re happy.  Look at yourself through the eyes of someone who doesn’t have what you have–material goods, health, intelligence, ability, creativity–and hear that person telling you, “I would be so happy if I had only a part of what you have." 

And don’t answer, "Yes, but…”  answer, “You’re right–I do have many gifts.  I’ll try to be happy with them.”

Tom Walsh



I found this from an old blog that I’m not able to update anymore. It’s actually a homework of mine for English class in high school. I think it’s worth the reblog. :)) Let’s be less angry this year. In fact, let’s let go of anger and stay in love instead. 🙂

Anger is absent when love is bounty; thus, anger is present when love is scarce. We fill ourselves with anger when we have lost reasons to love. We are angered when people hurt us, because we love ourselves too much that we would not let other people cause us so much as a scar.

So what happens to those who are love-departed? To those who cannot perceive tough love and are blinded by indignation towards others? To the angry?

The response is “they suffer.” They curse others, they shout, they blame the innocent. But, what happens to them after they have released the negativity? Nothing. They are still empty, unloved, bitter, and blind.

Anger does not solve anything. It does not cure the crippled, nor treat the trauma. It does not remedy the misery of losing something or the sadness of separation. It only adds to the problem being faced. If you are having troubles with someone, anger is not the solution. It will not take away the stress that only communication can repair. It does not make you move forward; there is no improvement in a life of anguish.

If you are angered, you are worse than the cancer-afflicted because even with your limbs that function, you are not able to help anyone, not even yourself. People must pity you for even the beggar has something to smile about, but you, who are more fortunate, are angered. If you are angry, you are not productive.

You are not able to finish tasks on time. Your responsibilities are not properly and enthusiastically accomplished. The maximum capacity you should be able to fulfil is not achieved.

Anger stirs up hatred between you and the people involved. The ambiance becomes unpleasant and if it worsens it will be unbearable. Anger adds confusion and aloofness to a place that should be abounding in interaction and good welfare. If anger gets out of hand, it affects you and your enemy in ways larger than the cause itself.

If only people are able to withstand the anger and to let the issue fall. Then, we would all be able to live in peace. People will make better choices if they are not controlled by anger. Friends can stay friends until they pass away. Family would never fall apart and divorce would never have been devised. Lovers will never fade away. People will never leave, and others would still be alive if anger was controlled by people.

God would be more delighted in us if we were not so conceited and angry with the people around us. He would be so much happier. He would be truly proud, if only we were not fuming all the time.

A burst of anger is inevitable with all the pressures we are facing, but to let it control your life and your relationships is foolish and unexpected of the wise. People must start smiling and letting anger pass. Let love fill us instead. Let our eyes be opened and anger be put away into oblivion.


Sometimes, I begin to become so stressed about the things I don’t have or the things that seem so hard to achieve for me. I worry and I lose faith. I become jealous and evil at heart.

But, then, I look up and I am reminded of how lucky I am. Everything that I have, even the simple ability to be able to blog this exclaims that I am so lucky for all the things that are handed to me and I’m just being too conceited to see all the blessings around me. Truly, He knows me and loves me. He appreciates me and knows my needs and He will go very far to achieve the plan He has for me. 🙂

I’m sorry for being selfish, rude, disrespectful, unappreciative, blind, and conceited. Forgive me,God. Truly, I have no idea what I’m doing and I have no clue what great things You have planned for my life. Thank you, God! 🙂