There is no February 29 this year.

And so the month ends again

Bringing with it all the lives that ended during its reign

I just hope as the month of February says goodbye

The chain of loss and heartbreaks end as well

No more trying to hold back the tears and sadness

As the pleasant kind of love hid itself from me and my friends

And the kind of love that hogged the limelight

Was the kind that forced many of us to weep and eventually let go

Yes, February ends tonight

And another months creeps into the year

As pain falls into dusk, hope dawns on us on the first day of March


Wala na akong  "Daddy". Wala nang mang-aasar sa akin ng baboy/taba. Wala na akong kasabay papuntang Pisay. Wala nang makulit. Wala nang ungas (in a good way). Wala nang corny. Walang kasama sa paggala sa Pang. Wala naaa. Wala ka na. :’((((((

Things will never be the same. Batch outings will never be complete. Lives are permanently changed. Miss ka na namin, Geo… :((((