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There’s so much more to life than making the right decisions.

As Christians our decisions are based on how God speaks to us and how He directs our very footsteps in order to lead us to His good and perfect will for lives. But if we are honest there’s so much more to God than any of us can see or understand and a lot of times making those decisions aren’t easy especially if your options are both ‘good’. But at the end of the day, our goal is not necessarily to make the ‘right’ choices, rather making choices that aligns His good and perfect will.

Recently over the past few days I’ve been struggling with hurt, loneliness and disappointments. The things that took place in my life 7 months ago was a mixture of good and pleasing things. But on the other side there were times of struggle. Honestly, there are no words to describe or express what and how I’m feeling right now. It’s like sleeping and enjoying a good dream and ended up waking up because the good dream turned into a bad dream.

Sometimes God leads us to embark on a journey without knowing if we are even going to make it to the end. Sometimes in those journeys He is teaching us something in order to grow our character as a Christian. Along those journeys is making some hard decisions that aren’t necessarily ‘good’ and it can really sadden us or even break our hearts, but rather He leads us into making those choices because it’s for our best after all He is working “all things for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.”

And as I was processing these things, God brought me back to this passage in Isaiah:

18 “Forget the things that happened in the past.
    Do not keep on thinking about them.
19 I am about to do something new.
    It is beginning to happen even now.
    Don’t you see it coming?
I am going to make a way for you to go through the desert.
    I will make streams of water in the dry and empty land. – Isaiah 43:18-19

The after effects of our past situations whether good or bad can really make an impact as to how we approach our future. If it was a bad situation, we can either learn, grow, move on and never make the same mistakes, or allow ourselves to wallow up in sadness and bitterness and just repeat the same cycle over and over again. If it was a good situation we can just continue and keep growing and as we do that inspire and encourage others to do the same thing.

If there’s one thing that I learned over these past 7months it’s this one truth: ABIDE IN CHRIST.

We will all face moments of difficulties, trials, struggles, doubts and uncertainties and in the midst of all these things, if we continue to Abide in Christ and in His word, we will find ourselves secure in our Savior’s heart. Never regret the things you’ve gone through because God allowed them to take place in your life. It just means that He is teaching you something that you will need in the future whether it’s a relationship aspect, ministry, etc.

At the end of the day whether your relationship with your significant other ended, or lost your job, or flunk a test, or made a stupid decision that led you to where you are now, remember that after those things take place they are considered part of your ‘past’ and God promises to immediately restore you and do something new.

You may even think at that time that your situation is impossible to fix and it may seem to appear that there’s a no way out, but God again promises to make a way for you even in that lonely, dry and deserted season. He is able and all powerful and will bring you to where He wants you to be all for the purpose of His glory.

As Christians, There’s so much more to life than making the right decisions. It’s about Abiding in Christ daily and allowing Him to be the center of our lives and allowing Him to influence our every decisions. So that we are not stepping outside His will rather we are always secure and aligned in His pleasing and perfect will for us.

There’s always a sweet beginning for every bitter ending.

Grace and Love in Christ,
Mark Muldez