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heartbreak. </3


Let’s tread past what has been done and said. Let’s move on to new things that can still be controlled. Whatever has happened in the past, it was all a conspiracy of the universe that cannot be reversed. Might as well accept it and then let it go. Forget what has been chaining you down for the longest time. And after a long time, believe again that God will favor you and that God will provide. Above all, God wants to see His daughter’s face light up in a wonderful smile again. 🙂

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This 2013, 🙂
I’d like to ask for more awkward-funny moments. More peaceful walks sa Malate, at sana sa Ilocos din ulit haha bless me with moneyy so I can go there again. 😀 More late night conversations that reveal a lot of truths. More pain, for more gain. 🙂

Open eyes for difficult life lessons. Strength to carry on. More love to share. Free Starbucks or milk teas from friends :“> haha. More dinner times + long kuwentuhan with Ms.Jenny-kids + Dex hahaha.

More strength to get over procrastination and laziness!!! Excellent grades that I worked hard for. Stronger Block 23 bond 🙂 More twitter friends! More tumblr writers 🙂 omg ang galing magsulat ng mga lower yearss. 😀

More pretty sunrises and sunsets. :)) Rainy days–pero not Bagyo days, when I can just lie cozy on my bed and sleep! 🙂 More people who open up their Bibles 🙂 Bigger life group!! Haha ate Nikka :)) Faith to get through heavy moments 🙂

More libre libre from people! haha. D’Cream with the dorm girls haha. Dance Kinect again! Watching Indayog dance. 😀 More GH-ing when bored Frances imissyou haha.

Unlimited DOSE moments :)) Sundays at UPD attempting to properly play frisbee haha. LB gala!! ❤ DEBUT DEBUT DEBUT everywheeere!!! 😀

More time to write for my tumblr blog haha. 🙂 More inspiration to finish writing my poems, not just starting and not finishing them. Oh, my poems–they have no closure. haha :))

More struggles to discipline me and help me learn. Alam ko namang andiyan Siya to get me through 🙂 QT with Family and close friends 🙂 Maging mas alert and constant sa pag-guard ng heart 🙂 More secrets to share and keep. More friends to share those secrets with 🙂 Yiee haha

Friendship. Family. Faith. 🙂
But, I guess there’s really no way of knowing for sure what the year will bring. YEY FOR 2013! Hahaha GV GV GV :))) Happy new yeaaaar!!

ang kulit ko sorry hahaha >:D<


Today we believe God wants you to know that …
beginnings are only possible where there are endings.

Clear acknowledged endings are as necessary to intelligible life, as pauses between notes to intelligible music. Although endings sometimes feel like the end of you, take them for what they really are, – the end of a stage in your life. Here is to new beginnings!

New year na new year ang message! Thank you God for this year! 🙂 😀 Happy New Year everyone! :)) Cheers to 2013! ❤

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