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Fear Displaces God

Fear strips away God’s lordship over our lives. Instead of God being at the throne of our hearts, fear usurps God, manifesting in our loss of faith and surge of doubt. When we allow this illegitimate sovereignty of fear to continue, fear has the power to silence our faith. To exile faith into the deepest dungeons of our mind.

Man and Woman of God, don’t let fear rule you. Fight for the position of God in your life.

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Heiress of His Promise

One Identity

Earlier this year I created this blog as a separate place where I can write about things I do in my life. I thought I should separate it from the blog where I wrote about my faith. I reasoned that I wanted my previous blog to just be about faith.

This week I read one of Arianne Serafico’s posts (actually she has a free online course on this topic) where she talked about previously having a separate Instagram account for her business/creative pursuits and from her personal Instagram account. She talked about how she didn’t want to put it all in her personal account for fear of making it too sales-y or just weird and awkward. In a way, I realised that maybe I made separate blogs also because I didn’t want people who read my blog posts to see my posts about faith. I felt like I didn’t want people to think I was too “religious” or “church-y”.

But, it doesn’t feel right to have a split identity. I shouldn’t be creating a schism on what I do on a daily basis from the very thing that influences my motives and decisions: my faith. So now, I’m placing them all in one place. Here.

Previously, I owned the domain names unprecedentlife(dot)wordpress(dot)com and heiressofapromise(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

Now, welcome to where I strive to reconcile both parts of my identity into one. Cheers to being whole!


Words in the World Wide Web

I haven’t written in a while, simply because I got caught up in Korean dramas, MOOC’s, work piles, and my own propensity to just scroll through social media until I’ve suddenly spent hours staring at a 5.2″ screen.

Lately, social media keeps bursting with issues and new fads. On some days, my feeds are all about people’s thoughts, both for and against, certain news. It’s in these times that we would see the principles and values that people hold dear. You will see it everywhere. They will write comments about it. They’ll tweet about it. They’ll put heart or angry reacts on it. It gets a little overboard sometimes.

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Creative Writing, Personal

6 Dream Jobs for Me

Prompt #19: Dream Jobs

I say dream job because I admire the people who are living these lives. I say dream job because it would be really hard for me to land these jobs someday. I also say dream job because dreams still come true, right? Why not? 🙂

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Influence vs Authority


This is definitely one principle that we really have to assess and understand both as followers and as leaders ourselves.

Do we understand the difference of influential and authoritative?

As followers, let’s look at people who have authority over us. Do we allow them to influence us or do they just exist as autocratic authority figures? Are there strong influencers in our lives who are not necessarily in a position of authority? What is it about them that has an impact in our lives?

As leaders, do we exercise our authority in order to influence others? Or do we influence others (hopefully positively) even without necessarily being in a position over them? Do we focus on authority? Do we live as a positive influence over others? Do we understand how much influence we can make on other people?

Having a clear picture of our influence and authority over other people can really improve our leadership towards a more effective and more authentic one.

Reviews & Feedbacks

My First Lazada Experience: International

Lazada is one of the most popular online stores in the Philippines.

Just to give some context, Lazada partners with hundreds of local and international sellers, which makes Lazada like an online catalogue of various shops. However, there are products that Lazada handles itself, i.e. “sold and fulfilled by Lazada”. There are many legitimate local sellers that opt to sell their items via Lazada, so it’s not unusual that I get redirected to Lazada when I spot something interesting whether on facebook or the seller’s own website.

Despite having an account on Lazada since 2015, this would be my first time to push through with a purchase. Since creating an account, I usually looked through Lazada only for my own virtual window shopping pleasure.

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To think, think, think

Prompt #18: In the past month, what have you learned?

April was a month of thinking. In my fast-paced life in college, I had to be quick in making decisions. I had to be vigilant in every move I make. When we trained for student council elections, we had to learn answering questions for just the amount of time the question was being stated, which was thirty seconds or so. But, in this more tranquil season–thinking, deeply thinking, has become part of my everyday life.

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