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Here is an index of the site’s categories:


Where I file my thoughts on social issues

Bible and Prayer

Lessons and learnings about reading the Bible and the discipline of prayer

Character & Leadership

Insights on being a better person and a better leader

Creative Writing

The entire blog is a creative product, but here I endow my writeups more flavor than usual; poetry and prose; creative projects; blog prompts/challenges

Heiress of His Promise

Here I talk about faith


Many times other writers say it better than I could so I reblog their works ♡


Mostly events, reflections, and updates on my life

Photography & Digital Art

A virtual gallery


I believe that being human is being relational

Reviews & Feedbacks

Sharing my experiences about on places, products, and services

Tumblr Throwback

Recently, I synced my tumblr posts since 2012


The blog theme has a layout that really highlights the photos I use–whether as a header or part of the content. As much as possible, I want to use my own photos on my posts. But sometimes, I just don’t have the right one.

Thankfully we have websites that allow us to download and use photos under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Photographers all over the world share their compositions and allow others (even complete strangers!) to use the photos for free, for any personal or commercial purpose. Attribution is not required for photos under this license. Props to (which I usually use) for the great inventory of CC0-licensed photos!

For photos that have certain restrictions in use, you’ll see the attributions. For photos that are mine, you’ll see short descriptions such as location or even specific photo information. If you don’t see anything at the bottom of a photo, a blog post, or blog page, it simply means the original photo (usually the header) isn’t mine, but is under a CC0 license. Let’s all be more careful about these things, ayt? 🙂