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For the entire year that passed I wasn’t able to write anything. Was there nothing worth writing about? Not at all. There were actually so many things I could’ve made a series of posts on, but it all happened too fast for me to even grasp what was quickly passing by.

All I could think of at the moment is how different my life is now.

From the rush of last year, I have come to a complete stop. In some ways it has been hard and emotional, and in other ways, it has been the easiest time of my life. This season is probably the most telling of how unprecedented God’s grace really is. And all I can do is bask in His love and goodness.

It is still a battle of fear and of hope. But as the year ends and a new season is ushered in, I can only sit still and be grateful for the beauty of never being alone. Friends. Family. Friends that have turned into family. I am surrounded by love.

Life is different now.

But the experience of God’s love and grace is still the same.


Half Done, Half Still Dawning

Slightly annoyed with myself for not being able to complete the series of blog posts I was supposed to do. But, oh well, here we are. Might as well move on to starting new ones!

Half of the year just flew by. Some closed doors and yet-to-be-fulfilled hopes later, I’m already looking at med school in the face, but I still can’t seem to recognize it. I still haven’t grown into the sense of clarity and confidence that I’m finally a medical student. Is there something I have to do to begin feeling the vibe? Or is it like learning a new language, you don’t really understand it unless you start experiencing [speaking] it?

One thing’s for sure, I’m glad a new season is dawning.

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Key Lessons: February 2018

Last month’s lessons are pretty much like timely reminders.

  1. I reaffirm this: “All is well that ends well.”
  2. Convictions cannot be taught, but may be caught.
  3. God is always preparing us–for tomorrow, for next month, or for 20 years from now.
  4. Before doing anything–always ask yourself, why?
  5. It’s okay to be vulnerable, but be so to the right people.
  6. God lets you go through it so you can grow through it.
  7. Bad experiences are life lessons wrapped in unexpected packaging.
  8. Whether it’s at work, an interview, or in friendships–be yourself.
  9. There’s always a reason that it’s an open door.
  10. Be there for people.
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Key Lessons: January 2018

Constant reflection is an important practice. Here’s some of the reminders I collected in January:

  1. There are inconveniences or even pains we have to endure in order to retrieve or access what’s eternally more important.
  2. Never let go of your hope and vision for the future. It’s the only thing that can keep you going when the process becomes painful or confusing.
  3. There is no breakthrough without the “breaking through.”
  4. Always treasure moments of rest.
  5. Don’t let the rain at the end of the day make you forget the sunshine that woke you up in the morning.
  6. Things take time, relax. The seed doesn’t turn into a tree overnight.
  7. In the same way, what you invest in now may take time to produce its returns. Have faith in your investments. Don’t begrudge it for taking its time to unfold naturally.
  8. Tragic things often happen to cause us trudge away from even more danger.
  9. The world is dynamic, but temporary.
  10. Do not be consumed by the temporal.
Cover photo was taken during my flight to Thailand to attend the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2018. We were about to land when I took it. 🙂
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Pasasalamat, n. gratitude or indulgence

In the past few weeks, including the closing weeks of 2017, I had a lot of fleeting moments of immense gratitude.

Noticing something I bought months ago that’s propped up on the bookshelf, or remembering an experience that was once a prayer, or seeing faces of people I have come to love all over facebook. Each time — flashes of joy spreading through my body accompanied by humbling gratitude from the overwhelming realisation of the love from my ever-faithful God.

Here are some things that have made me feel that simple but powerful gratitude.

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Hello 2018~

Hello to the new year!

You could say I got swamped by so many events and other interests, hence my inactivity here, but hopefully this 2018 could be better for this blog.

I’m starting a BuJo so I hope I can keep myself on track. There are already so many backlogs to post and so many photos to share here. I might end up flooding this blog soon enough.

This is just a quick hello-slash-year starter post, so catch you all later in my upcoming posts. 안녕!

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Saved by Grace

I don’t remember when the word grace started resonating with me, but it has and in fact, it is from which the name of this blog was derived! In part, it’s a special word to me because the biblical definition of my name Hanna means just that, grace. However, it also encapsulates the unfolding of our relationship with God. In Ephesians 2:8-10, it reads

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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