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Motion and Stillness

I remember the first time I realised why people take so long staring at photos displayed in museums. I can’t remember what I was looking at, but I can still recall the sensation of  emotions and thoughts mingling. There is something unique and fascinating about looking at the brush strokes and the colors blending together. The particular beauty of focusing on individual sections of the painting, then stepping away from the artwork to appreciate the majesty of the whole. Also, when I look at paintings, my right brain seems to enter a trance of manufacturing words and words and poetry.

There’s also that similar sensation that I get when I look at photos. Maybe it’s why I really got into tumblr in high school. Photos can really capture a thousand words. Just the other day as I was skimming through photos from the past months, I saw this one. I took it while I was in the car and we were passing by these fields, on the way to a resort.

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6 Dream Jobs for Me

Prompt #19: Dream Jobs

I say dream job because I admire the people who are living these lives. I say dream job because it would be really hard for me to land these jobs someday. I also say dream job because dreams still come true, right? Why not? 🙂

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Influence vs Authority


This is definitely one principle that we really have to assess and understand both as followers and as leaders ourselves.

Do we understand the difference of influential and authoritative?

As followers, let’s look at people who have authority over us. Do we allow them to influence us or do they just exist as autocratic authority figures? Are there strong influencers in our lives who are not necessarily in a position of authority? What is it about them that has an impact in our lives?

As leaders, do we exercise our authority in order to influence others? Or do we influence others (hopefully positively) even without necessarily being in a position over them? Do we focus on authority? Do we live as a positive influence over others? Do we understand how much influence we can make on other people?

Having a clear picture of our influence and authority over other people can really improve our leadership towards a more effective and more authentic one.

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To think, think, think

Prompt #18: In the past month, what have you learned?

April was a month of thinking. In my fast-paced life in college, I had to be quick in making decisions. I had to be vigilant in every move I make. When we trained for student council elections, we had to learn answering questions for just the amount of time the question was being stated, which was thirty seconds or so. But, in this more tranquil season–thinking, deeply thinking, has become part of my everyday life.

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Dear You,

Prompt #17: A letter to someone who has hurt you

Dear You,

How do I even begin? Should I recount every word you said? Shall I show you the scars left from many years ago? Do you know how much you hurt me? Do you know how your words struck even the most unyielding cords in my heart that I thought would never be affected?

You made me rethink how strong I really am–or if I was even strong enough. You made me reconsider where I really stand in life. You made me question myself again and again and again.

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I’m proud of my candidates

Prompt #16: Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Here’s something I’m not proud of: I missed 2 days of blog posts! Nevertheless, we trudge on!

Hmm, something I’m proud of, eh?

In questions like this, it would really take me days if I want the most meaningful answer. But, I’ll answer what came to my mind first. It isn’t about me. It’s about my friends who are running in the student council elections.

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