Creative Writing

Unfinished Business;

I started a writing project last year and I only got through half way.

I plan to finish it in the next few months, but this time around I think I’ll make my answers toward the “short and sweet” side. And more like poetry than prose.

Prompt #20: Describe a Memory

It’s a Sunday.
I just got back to the dormitory after a 6-hour bus ride.
I had to haul my bag of clean laundry to my dorm room
Shared with three others, on the second floor
I can hear the sound made when a volleyball is served
The smash, the thud when it hits the ground
Also the shouts of guys playing basketball
Outside my door, people walking, talking, laughing
In a few hours, people will be flocking to the canteen
Tables and chairs and schoolmates
Your batch mates, your crush from the lower year
I might have stroganoff for dinner, with yellow C2
Followed by a 4F kitkat for unnecessary dessert
Then 7PM, people queueing
Phones being collected into a wooden cabinet
Just one last call to my mom at home
Then the night of cramming begins
Another Monday.


copy 3.jpg

564613_419079111442121_973456103_n copy.jpg

Took these photos from an old Facebook photo album I uploaded in 2012 and made some quick tweaks.


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