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Motion and Stillness

I remember the first time I realised why people take so long staring at photos displayed in museums. I can’t remember what I was looking at, but I can still recall the sensation of  emotions and thoughts mingling. There is something unique and fascinating about looking at the brush strokes and the colors blending together. The particular beauty of focusing on individual sections of the painting, then stepping away from the artwork to appreciate the majesty of the whole. Also, when I look at paintings, my right brain seems to enter a trance of manufacturing words and words and poetry.

There’s also that similar sensation that I get when I look at photos. Maybe it’s why I really got into tumblr in high school. Photos can really capture a thousand words. Just the other day as I was skimming through photos from the past months, I saw this one. I took it while I was in the car and we were passing by these fields, on the way to a resort.

It really struck me, and I don’t mean to be too dramatic, how the foreground shows so much motion while background keeps very still. Look at the dark green grass and the clothing line, then turn to the hills at the back and the body of water. The contrast of the dark blur against the crisp outlines of the landscape. Part of the image portrays the coming and going of something, while the rest of the photo articulates the beauty of things that stay unmoved. Of things that stay, once the object in motion has already passed.

A photographic representation of life, if I may say.

So many things are moving and shifting in our lives all the time but thank God, some things remain, some people still stay undeterred despite how much we change internally and outwardly.

We are often just passersby in the lives of each other. But hopefully we can appreciate, that even in just flashing moments, as fast as the click of a shutter, that we were given the opportunity to be present in the precious life of another.


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