Bible & Prayer

The Heart of Prayer

Nowadays, people have become confused about what prayer is really about. Sometimes, people portray it to be a holy act reserved only for clergymen. Sometimes, we limit it to litanies and memorised religious poetry. Sometimes, we think it’s some kind of skill that only some people can do. Like a balancing act or a note only certain vocal chords can reach.

There is no special algorithm. No magic words. Eloquence is unnecessary, probably even counterproductive. I do acknowledge that it’s helpful to use tools such as setting a special time for prayer, listing down prayer points or using prayer books as guides. But, these are not essentials.

The heart of prayer is stripping down to what’s real and coming to God with complete honesty and vulnerability. To the God who knows you fully. It’s venting out. Asking for advice. Pouring out your anxiety and anger. Telling Him about the mistake you made today. Expressing your hopes. Revealing a hidden request and sharing your heart’s desires.

Prayer is a conversation in this complex relationship with God.

It is as simple as that. It is confession. It is intimacy. It is being unabashedly exposed.


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