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I’m writing this post partially because I wanted to write a lengthier review of the products I just got from Lazada, but I couldn’t do so in the limited customer feedback form. Later, I’ll talk about the three things I just ordered from Lazada. But before that, here are top 15 things we should remind ourselves when buying anything online, whether it’s brand new or second-hand.


  1. Always read the details! Know everything there is to know about the product. Watch unboxing videos, check reviews or read blogs. Be informed. Ask the seller if you’re not satisfied with what’s stated in the descriptions. You can’t see the product before it gets dropped off on your doorstep, so it’s only proper that you should scrutinize what you’re paying for.
  2. Study the platform you’re using. Whether it’s Lazada, Shopee, OLX, facebook, instagram, or Carousell, it’s important that you know how to navigate the website. You’ll make your online shopping experience easier.
  3. Know the seller. When you buy their product, you are giving a level of trust to the seller that they can provide you the service or product they claim to be able to provide. Again, check reviews. Chat them if doing so is available in the platform. Look for their e-mail and phone number. A good and honest seller is responsive to your initiatives to talk to them.
  4. Don’t give out personal information if it’s not necessary. If they ask for your personal info, ask and verify what it’s for. You don’t want scammers.
  5. Be mindful of dimensions. Always review the sizes and the units they use if it’s the International Unit system (inches, feet, etc) or the Metric System (centimeters, meters, etc). You don’t want to get a shirt that’s too large or furniture that’s too small. If it’s missing in the product description, verify with the seller first. This also goes when you’re buying cases for your gadgets. Make sure it’s the right case for the right brand or model.
  6. Always compare prices before you make a purchase. Sometimes one seller is giving the product cheaper but along with the shipping costs, it might be the same. You might also find that some sellers are just re-sellers so they sell products at higher prices.
  7. Maximize the free shipping promos. In Shopee, you get free shipping when you reach a certain price point. In Lazada, almost everything is free for standard shipping.
  8. Be observant of the shipping process. First of all, know how many days it will take to get to you. Then, make sure that you check on it every other day. You never  know when it gets lost in the courier’s tracking system. Atleast, you’ll be able to report it at once if the item doesn’t seem to be moving. Make time to call the customer service so that they can assist you.
  9. When buying second-hand gadgets, always test it first upon meet-up. (Also!!! Never buy second-hand gadgets and get them shipped. Though, a good security measure is to pay via bank account and not money transfer like LBC or Palawan Express. Still, it’s so much safer to get the product and pay via meet-up). I had a bad experience where there was a hidden software glitch that I only discovered after using the device for a few hours. When I tried to contact the seller, they already blocked me. (Obviously guilty.)
  10. And of course! Promos! Watch out for discounts and cut-offs and special codes. Also, learn to haggle wisely. I, personally, have probably saved up to 10,000 or even more in the past year by doing these money-saving strategies. These are your best friends, though actually your BFF should be self-control in online shopping 😉

Now that I’ve shared my top 10 reminders for online shopping, here is some feedback on three items I got from Lazada this week.  🙂

Click on the title to see the actual Lazada product page.

Berkeley Cutting Mat (A4, 2mm) (PhP 252.90)

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 9.59.44 PM.png

  • It’s legit when it says, it heals by itself. I tried using a cutter on it and there are no marks to be seen.
  • It was well-packaged with bubble wrap even if it’s the only item in the package and it comes with an official receipt from the seller (M. Enriquez Art Supply).
  • From payment to doorstep: 3 days (Sept 18-21, 2017)

Paper Cutter Metal – Silver (PhP 688.50)

IMG_20170920_223309 copy.jpg

  • Packaging is good, but could be better.
  • The item was defective. The lever that is used to pull down and cut is bent so the output produced is not straight. I will wait for the replacement product and update this review.
  • From payment to doorstep: 2 days (Sept 18-20, 2017)
  • Return to Seller: IOS Electronics (Initiated Sept 21)

Kindle 8 Case Shell Leather Protective Cover (PhP 317.00)

  • The product is very close to what was advertised.
  • The cover is neat, but there was a slight stubble or chip on the middle-front. I decided not to return it since it was shipped from another country. I just covered it with my (current) favorite washi tape.
  • The inner side of the cover is made of a thin foam that feels like felt paper. I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about my Kindle’s screen.
  • The mold that holds the kindle feels sturdy but it was a little scary to place the kindle because I had to snap the device into place. It fit perfectly, but I don’t know if it caused any scratch and since the shape of the mold is very fit, I’m not sure how to safely take it off either.
  • Overall, a really good choice and a really good purchase from the Good Good Shop.
  • From payment to doorstep: 6 days (Sept 15-21, 2017)



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