Bible & Prayer

Holy Spirit

The moment you recognize that you cannot achieve God’s standards of holiness and look to Jesus as your Savior, God marks you with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides, reminds and speaks to the Father on our behalf.

Along with the declaration of our limitedness, we begin to open our spiritual eyes. We begin to experience the Holy Spirit moving in our midst. From then on, the Holy Spirit indwelling in us does not change. Either we harden our hearts and feel a gaping distance or we humble ourselves and experience the Holy Spirit fully, but the Holy Spirit does not leave us. On some days we become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit compared to other days. But it doesn’t mean the Holy Spirit’s presence fluctuates based on our feelings and whims.

Don’t give in to the lie that the Holy Spirit has departed from you. Instead, believe in Him and ask for more faith.


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