Bible & Prayer, Heiress of His Promise


I was browsing through old notes and unfinished write-ups where I found this and decided to complete it:

This morning I woke up, opened my laptop and tried to open Facebook as I usually do. But today there’s a pop-up on my laptop saying I owe 200 pesos to my service provider, hence my internet connection is “restricted”. I had to pay the remaining amount so that the connection could be returned.

Now, I don’t owe them anything. I won’t explain in detail but basically it’s a duplicated charge. I have already asked for a re-adjustment weeks ago and it seems it has been neglected and now I’m the one suffering the consequences.

I realised how much it mirrors our daily connection with God.

  1. Sin causes the “restriction”. It’s true. The same way there’s something wrong with my service provider’s system, there is also something wrong in our spiritual system. There is sin. Only sin can destroy or damage that relationship with God. Your conscience will tell you. You don’t have to call customer service just to identify what went wrong. You would know in your heart what could be causing the seemingly unexpected silence from God. It could be a blatant sin or maybe a slow onset problem that you’ve been putting off and now the consequences are rising.
  2. There is a cost to lift the “restriction”. When you make a mistake before someone of higher position like a boss or just any big or popular person in general, you know that the connection or the relationship will suffer. There is a cost. How much more to a pure and holy God? We cannot stay in sin and believe that it has no consequences. It will really affect our relationship with God whether we like it or not.
  3. The price has been paid.

Sometimes we think we can pay for it. That we’ll just do better next time. That we’ll just invite more people to church. That we’ll just be more consistent in attending youth and weekend services. That we’ll just be nicer in general. That we’ll try to prove our goodness by doing this and that.

But truth be told, this is one thing efforts cannot pay off. Unless we believe that Jesus has already paid the price and that He stands between us and God as our mediator so that we can be fully connected, we will be left disappointed in ourselves and pressured to become perfect Christians. Unless we go to Jesus and fully surrender to him, we will never enjoy the unlimited connection with God.

I encourage you, my friend, reconnect with God today. 🙂


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