Heiress of His Promise

Rage, Rage

Have you ever had that time when you felt that your heart has been stagnant almost inactive? I know I have. It is unlike those days that I feel on fire for the Word, on fire to inspire and to encourage. It feels like just passing by. Like I’m living on the bare minimum, just passing through the moment.

And somehow, these words resounded to me:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

These words are from a poem by Dylan Thomas. Analysts say it’s a poem about fighting death—the physical kind, about not allowing yourself to passively wait for “that good night”, about fighting for life as much as you can.

I may be taking this line slightly out of context but to me it is a calling for revival—a calling to wake up from spiritually “falling asleep”. Against the dying of the spiritual light, of the flame of faith that exists in my core. Indeed, idleness of spirit is the greatest enemy of spreading the fire of faith. At the slightest movement of the wind, a dwindling flame is snuffed into non-existence.

I love the use of the word rage. It depicts action and emotion. At worst, it is a violent uncontrollable anger. At the least, it is a vehement desire or passion. Eitherway, it is relentless. It is strong and full of power. It is a word that opposes idleness, indolence or lethargy. It is a word that will not go down without a fight. It knows what it wants, and it does not let the day go by without capturing its goal.

When you feel like, you’re losing touch with God—rage!
When you haven’t spent time with the Word for days—rage!
When you experience a weakness of the spirit—rage!

Rage, dear one! Do not settle! Do not fall into this fraudulent rest.

Notice how I used the word “when” instead of “if”? Because I know it will happen, it is inevitable, but there is also always a way out. There is always grace to fight for the flame to be kept alive.

Like trying to keep a bonfire alive even on a windy night,
You can rage, rage against the dying of the light!

This is an edited form of a previous blog post.


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