I haven’t written in a while, simply because I got caught up in Korean dramas, MOOC’s, work piles, and my own propensity to just scroll through social media until I’ve suddenly spent hours staring at a 5.2″ screen.

Lately, social media keeps bursting with issues and new fads. On some days, my feeds are all about people’s thoughts, both for and against, certain news. It’s in these times that we would see the principles and values that people hold dear. You will see it everywhere. They will write comments about it. They’ll tweet about it. They’ll put heart or angry reacts on it. It gets a little overboard sometimes.

But, it gives you a better idea of people’s personalities and convictions. They might write lengthy captions about it. Or they might simply share the article and that would be enough to say that the article talks about an issue that’s significant to them. Sometimes, people even get defensive. Free tuition, martial law, and cohabitation. These are just some of the issues I’ve been seeing all over social media.

I am pointing this out so that I can be more accountable as well: we should be careful what we say.

  1. To be careful that our words are factual and not misleading.
  2. To be careful that we are not slandering the name and reputation of others.
  3. To be careful that what we say brings enlightenment not confusion.

Better the rare voice that speaks wisdom than the daily blabber that masks a fool.

Posting something on social media or anywhere in the w-w-w can spread like cancer in this virtual society that’s already chronically ill. It can influence people that see your post and it also says a lot about you, your values, and your convictions. So hopefully, what we say or share is a positive contribution to the growing mass of media across the world, versus a virus that infects and damages the minds and thoughts of others.


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