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6 Dream Jobs for Me

Prompt #19: Dream Jobs

I say dream job because I admire the people who are living these lives. I say dream job because it would be really hard for me to land these jobs someday. I also say dream job because dreams still come true, right? Why not? 🙂

Wildlife Photographer

Animal Planet was one of my favourite TV channels as a kid. All throughout my life, there’s always this desire to just go out into the wild and capture amazing photos. But, I know this takes a lot of knowledge about animals (like in depth biology, zoology and taxonomy) and a really good eye in photography (plus the equipment). Also, I don’t think I’m strong enough and brave enough to jump onto a crocodile or to hold a snake’s mouth shut. Still, sometimes I just want to runaway and fly to Australia or Africa. See some lions, bears, elephants, jaguars, eagles, cockatoos, dolphins, and whales.

War Photographer

I don’t know how they are able to enter those countries in conflict, let alone be in the battlefield, but it’s amazing what they do. They risk their lives for a few hundred shots to show the rest of the world what the stupid governments have been doing. They are able to show us the parts of the world that humanity has extremely damaged. They help those who are in their mansions or haciendas see what’s happening on the other side of this planet. I love their bravery. I love the way they aim to catch the emotion of fear, of sadness, of anger. They show reality and compose it with the help of light. The part I find so beautiful about being a war photographer is that with just one shot from your camera and show it reaches the hands of our global leaders, you can stop a million bullets from firing.

Wilderness Medicine

I was reading about doctors who are also photographers, then I saw one who travelled a lot and discovered the concept of wilderness medicine. Because he travels, he was able to see communities in the wild who are literally miles and miles from the nearest hospital. So, when there’s an emergency or any medical problem within his companions or in the community they’re visiting, he has to make do with what he brought with him. Though he’s more of a mountaineer and photographer when he travels, I think it’s interesting how wilderness medicine plays into that.

Pre-school Teacher

If you’ve ever volunteered for kids around 3-6, you know how raucous it could be. They ask so many questions—sometimes it can be weird and funny or insensitive and annoying. They do things out of impulse. They cry or shout or laugh when they want to. They don’t have much self-control yet. They keep going around and often being curious (borderline nosy) hahaha. But, they’re just kids trying to figure out how the world works. Just think about being an inspiration to them, teaching them, building them up. Planting seeds of faith and confidence in their hearts. You’re one of the first people to explain to them the wonderful things that exists in this world. And in this generation—we need more people who can introduce the world to these kids in a positive, encouraging light. I think it’s beautiful that you can be part of that.


Who hasn’t thought about this? Haha! The Philippine culture is widely entangled with the entertainment industry. And though I may not have any talent in acting, singing, dancing, hosting or modelling, I still find the idea of being a celebrity so alluring. There’s just something about the glamorous and over-the-top lifestyle that feels so fun and easy. I myself get so excited looking at photos of my favourite stars or watching their Facebook videos or interviews. Maybe because when they’re performing, you see one side of them. Then, you just get curious who they really are. However, I also think being a celebrity has such power and influence. They can be ambassadors for the special causes that they’re passionate about. And I think that’s really amazing (!!!). Being a celebrity could be a really amazing life if you can just keep your personal life out of public eye. :))


I’m not sure if I’d like to work as a diplomat for the embassy, but maybe a health ambassador for the Philippines. Or maybe I can work for the WHO or United Nations. I think my favourite part of this is really being with different nationalities but working together for a common goal. When I looked up the definition of the word diplomat, it says “an official representing a country abroad; a person who can deal with others in a sensitive and tactful way”. I love that. I want to show the world that even with the messed up things that has been happening, I want to represent the country and show them the good side of our country and culture. Also, with all the brokenness in the world, it’s nice to be part of the reconciliation process between nations.


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