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Who is your Leader?

I thought about my decisions in the far and recent past and the factors that made me decide to push through or not. This includes both the big and small decisions that have defined my life as it is now. And I realised there were a lot of times I was pressured, instructed, or influenced by leaders around me. It could be someone superior in organisations I belonged to or even spiritual leaders at church. Many times it was my mom. It can also be friends who I considered were ahead of me in certain aspects or issues in my life, even though they weren’t my “leaders” per se.

They didn’t have to have an official title or position, but it was a matter of how I myself placed them in my life.

I realised that whether we like it or not, whether we intentionally did it or not, we lead others into directions we point them to. We are influencers. This brings me to think about the way I use the word “leader” on a daily basis. When we hear the word leader, what do we think of? What does it mean to us?

The dictionary defines leader as:

  • a person who leads or commands a group or organization
  • someone responsible for initiating a business
  • synonyms include: boss, commander, figurehead, superior, master, ruler, controller

So, who do we consider as our leaders?

Admittedly, if someone had asked me right now, “who is your leader”? My first thought would NOT be Christ. I found it quite alarming. Shouldn’t the person I claim as “my King and my Lord” automatically be my Leader? And yet, I don’t think I apply it in my life. It’s an evident displacement in my heart. My thoughts have been changed by the culture and norms around me that I have forgotten who I was really supposed to follow and be lead by.

This simple indicator can help you check your heart as well. Try to ask these questions to yourself and be honest with the answers:

  • What is leadership for you?
  • Who is your leader?
  • Are you a leader? Are you leading someone?
  • Why do you consider them your leader?
  • Do you lead yourself?

We have to be careful how we lead ourselves and how we lead others because not all leaders are good leaders. History has already shown that. It is now our choice to take the torch and lead others with light and not be misleading people. And if you’re looking for a leader to emulate, let it be Jesus.

Read about Him through the Bible. Study His thoughts, actions and beliefs about relationships, faith, and identity. As you make Him the one true leader in your life, seek a relationship with Him. I believe that you will surely see how He is truly our Lord and Shepherd.

God, thank you for having a great plan for us. Teach us to be sensitive to your leading that we do not deviate from the path you have set out for us. Help us place you as the leader and center of our lives. Humble us that we would listen to your calling and obey your Word. Jesus, may we have a revelation of your leadership in our lives, that as we consider you as our Savior we would also reflect on Your Lordship over our lives. Thank you because we can trust you to lead us only through and to the best for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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