Heiress of His Promise, Personal

Peace of God

The words “the Peace of God” lingered in my thoughts while preparing for work. After hearing this line for so many times, I think I forgot what it meant.

Then while in the jeep, there were other things swimming through my thoughts, but I was reminded of my greatest identity: “Child of God”. I think kailangan ma-ground talaga ‘to sa heart ko for me to grow kaya paulit-ulit siyang sinasabi sakin ni God.

And I know this isn’t just for my sake, this is for everyone too.

Today, peel away the worldly titles that you stuck onto yourself. You are not just a med/pre-med student, a senior struggling with thesis, an ordinary student, a research assistant, a student leader, a BS org, a singer or writer, an employee, a professor, a president, a sister/mother/aunt, a friend or whatever labels you’ve made.

Today, bask in your eternal title, “Child of God”. Close your eyes and just let your heart release everything else but your “Child-identity” in the eyes of God. Let the /contentment and confidence/ in Him who loves you with an everlasting Love be the only thing in your heart—and that I realized—is the Peace of God.


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