Valuing friends

As I was doing research for a personal project, I found myself scrolling through my facebook timeline starting from the first year of college and I realized that my world of relationships has expanded so much. It makes me so nostalgic for the friendships I grew apart from and subtly longing for the deep and long and beautiful conversations now lost in our memories.

Suddenly I asked myself: Have I really gotten to know these people? Or was I merely scratching the surface of who they really were/are?

Through time, I’ve become a firm believer that most relationships are seasonal. Not that we dispose them to temporariness, but simply because that’s how life goes. Unless you would go to the same classes, same universities, pursue same careers or go to the same workplaces or live in the same dorms or provinces, rarely would people stay in our lives for longer than eighteen months—that’s an assumption that I made just now. (haha) In fact, even those that are constantly in your life have their silent months when they seemingly disappear from your radar for a while.

For others, maybe time will bring them back. But, oftentimes time won’t.

But, really what I just mean is, make the most of all relationships. Choose people and cherish people. For most encounters in this very short life, you only get to entangle lives with them once, make it a tangent in time that’s worth remembering.

Previously posted 30 Apr 2016 on twitter.


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