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Where do we go next?

It’s coming: the big fork in the road called graduation. The moment when the university spouts its students in a thousand directions, hoping we’ve learned just enough to find our way around the confusing alleys of careers and society. It’s surreal but exciting in a subtle way. So many things have happened that I’m sure many of us never thought life would turn out this way. We faced unexpected events and met unexpected people, too. But after getting used to the same rhythm of activities and academic requirements in the past four years, wherever life leads us would be a breath of fresh air.

Four years of being taught and turned onto our own personal axes, we are about to get out into the world and build not just society, but ourselves. We’ve only scratched the surface of adulthood and there is so much more that a 20-year old can discover in this vast and majestic globe. It’s an end of an era, yes; but real life is just about to begin. College has only been a trial, a practice test for the actual challenge. And the most important things we might ever take away from college doesn’t even include the laws and lists of scientific concepts, but the Hope that stretched us through the worst exams, the Courage that helped us step onto a platform and present three-months’ worth of work, the Spirit that kept us going even in the face of fear, and the Faith that made us believe we would ever earn a tassel or the UP student’s dream of a sablay.

There really is more to life than what we ever experienced in college. There is no regret but only contemplation of what has passed. This is merely a milestone, not the final destination. We might face greater giants and we might cower from bigger beasts of failures and defeat. But we will also meet more joys and grander victories outside the walls of our campus. The journey isn’t even half-way over and the good parts are just about to begin. Fellow graduate, goodbye for now. I hope wherever you’re going, you’re happy. And if I may ask: where are you going next?


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