I was a college drop-out with a 0.9 GPA who lost a scholarship and took seven years to graduate after going to two community colleges. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, everyone blooms differently. Setbacks are not failures and you are more than yesterday. Own your mistakes, quit the inner-loop of shaming in your head, smile big, move on.

My life

I needed this. Thank you.

I did too.


“He is able to save to the uttermost.” The world, with its ten thousand snares, is against us, but “He is able.” Indwelling sin, in its ten thousand workings, is against us, but “He is able.” Satan, with his ten thousand devices, is against us, but “He is able.” In a word, it is Christ’s ability, not ours; it is Christ’s faithfulness, not ours; it is Christ’s final perseverance, not ours…”

Final Perseverance: What is it? – Mackintosh, C.H.

Why did I chose that right?

  • The term child abuse is generally used to describe an act of commission that is outside of accepted cultural norms. It can include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  • Child neglect is rather an act of omission, the failure to provide for the child’s basic needs, either physical (health care, protection, etc) or emotional (affection, care, education, etc).
  • Exploitation is the abuse of a child where some form of remuneration is involved or whereby the perpetrators benefit in some manner – monetarily, socially, politically, etc. Exploitation constitutes a form of coercion and violence, detrimental to the child’s physical and mental health, development, and education.

o   Reference: http://www.unhcr.org/3bb81aea4.pdf

Have you heard of, or even experienced, those modus in the streets na may batang hawak si ate tapos sasabihin sa’yo “hindi pa po kami kumakain” or “hindi po kami sinipot nung tatay niya, wala kaming pera” while holding a sleeping child in her arms? I read from an article na pinapainom nila ng pampatulog yung bata. Oo nga naman, wala pa akong nakitang namalimos na yung batang hawak ay restless or umiiyak. Or what about yung mga namamalimos all over Malate? Do you really think all of them are street children genuinely in need of food or money? Or, yung mga (tulad ng experience ni Nikko, PH batchmate), ginagamit yung bata para i-distract ka in some way, tapos may nag-aattempt na pa lang agawin yung pera sa ATM mo habang nagwi-withdraw ka?

Sobrang nakakaungkot na ginagamit sila in these ways, and hindi nila naiintindihan na nagagamit sila sa mga masasamang gawain.

There are WORSE ways children are exploited—child pornography and prostitution (child trafficking), and webcam child sex tourism.

Each one of these is a form of exploitation and trafficking. Ginagamit nila yung mga bata para manloko ng tao at nakakalungkot kasi hindi naman alam nung mga bata yung ginagawa nila, hindi nila naiintindihan, inuutusan lang naman sila. Anong kapalit? Ewan. Pagkain? Matutulugan? Simpleng laruan?

Nung naghahanap ako ng credible article sa google, tina-type ko pa lang  yung “child trafficking…” lumabas na agad sa drop-down box yung “..in the Philippines”. Sobrang nakakalungkot at nakakagalit. Bakit walang pakealam yung gobyerno natin sa mga ganitong bagay? Ang mga gumagalaw para makatulong sa mga bata ay puro NGOs.

We really need to get these kinds of things out in the open. To get more people involved or atleast aware that these things are REAL and they are HAPPENING AROUND US.

It’s not fair that there are children who experience violence, whether physical, sexual, or emotional. They should be enjoying their childhood playing, or discovering science in school, or expressing their interests through art or sports.

It’s not fair that there are children who are neglected and not given their basic needs whether emotional (from family and friends) or physical (health care, protection, etc). Isn’t it a basic mammalian characteristic that we should care for our young?

And it’s not fair that there are children who are deprived of a happy childhood because they are forced to do labor in exchange for basic needs and worse, that innocent children are exploited and abused by people who are supposed to know better than sacrificing the lives of these children in exchange for money or other material things.

This must stop. 


Dear you,
How do I detach from you?