Divergent couple

“Don’t pretend,” I say breathily. “You know I’m not. I’m not ugly, but I am certainly not pretty.”
“Fine. You’re not pretty. So?” He kisses my cheek. “I like how you look. You’re deadly smart. You’re brave. And even though you found out about Marcus…” His voice softens. “You aren’t giving me that look. Like I’m a kicked puppy or something.”
“Well,” I say. “You’re not.”
For a second his dark eyes are on mine, and he’s quiet. Then he touches my face and leans in close, brushing my lips with his. The river roars and I feel its spray on my ankles. He grins and presses his mouth to mine.”
– Divergent, Veronica Roth

Yeah. 🙂 Someday. That guy will come around for the girls who are willing to wait. He will look past your appearance. He will not look at your appearance, actually ‘cause it won’t really matter. He will see who you really are inside. He will see beyond your eyes and beyond the skin. And even so, he will love every bit of you. :)) :“>

#kelegshaha #fourandsix #trisandtobias #fangirling haha


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