Lord, make my heart still

My heart and soul is not in rest
I am worried and my mind is flying off
Remove this constant worry, Lord
Give me assurance for my future
Do not let the enemy win over me
Give me the strength to overcome this war
My anxiety comes from an uncertain future
I am nauseous of what is yet to come
There are things that I am not in control of
And they make me nervous and scared
The plans I am having look pale
They look like they won’t be succeeding soon
Please, Lord, don’t let this happen
May this just be a fruitless worry
I hope my aspirations grow into maturity
And my dreams will still come true
I can’t handle this pressure in my heart
Without making a mess of what I have now
My prayer is peace of heart and mind
That I will no longer worry about what is still untold
Help me hold on to my Faith
Allow me to believe in what I have hoped for
I lift up to You all of my nonsense worries
So that you can shower down more blessings
Help me, Lord and make my heart still


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