The flutter of feelings come rushing in
But, I don’t want to go too far into this little game
It has always been me to take care of my heart
To not allow the happiness in
If with it, enters the contents of Pandora’s box
There is so much to gain in a moment of freedom
But to risk it is to lose the world you’ve known so well
Is it rational to gamble a second of true happiness
If you’re going to spend the rest of forever in loneliness after?
The thoughts dance inside my head all night
Challenging my definition of sanity
The weirdest kinds of black holes suck a heartbeat out of me
Defying what I have believe in as emotions
No longer do I see clearly, this world of unfinished business
What I have thought of as love has finally departed me

Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback
Tumblr Throwback


One thing I learned today is that we can’t gain everything. We can’t have the best of both worlds. And whether the grass is greener on the other side, we can never know. But, I think everything in life is already balanced out. No matter how successful we are in one area of life, something else…

Flowers at the backseat: Life~



how mysterious we all are~

Tumblr Throwback

Tumblr Throwback
Heiress of His Promise, Personal


Moment of thought: It kind of wows me to think that no matter how ungrateful I can be, how careless, or how sinful, nothing can separate me from the God of love. Yung, kahit nagso-slope down ang life ko, I’m being irresponsible or I’m drifting away from God, He always ALWAYS makes a way for me to be reminded of his love.

He just uses so many people around me to remind me of His words. Even though I’ve heard it before, He uses my friends and family to just come at the right time and say those words I’ve loved and accepted before and the timing and situation just adds to the intensity of my appreciation for those verses.

It’s as if saying, “Nakalimutan mo na ba ‘to? Di ba sinabi ko na sa’yo ‘to dati? Hindi nagbabago ang pangako ko sa’yo, Hanna. Kahit anong mangyari sa buhay mo, nandito pa rin akong nagmamahal para sa’yo. Walang hanggan ang mga pangako ko, anak.” :’)

Lord, you’re so amazing!