Creative Writing, Tumblr Throwback

We are

We are always running
Trying to get somewhere
Hoping to be there
But, where is somewhere?

We are always looking
For an answer to a question
Never ending confusion
A reality or an illusion

We are always searching
Tearing off the lies
To the truth, we open our eyes
And our mistakes, we realize

We are always wanting
Ambitions, hopes, dreams
Everything is not what it seems
Our heart, it screams

We are always changing
Changing thoughts and feelings
From our heart’s chasms and ceiling
But we only achieve when we are willing

But there is one constant thing
There is a goal we are running to
A tangible treasure we are searching for
Faith, we want to know more

We believe because we feel
Feel hope in our hearts
We hope for the best
And the best is yet to happen