Heiress of His Promise, Tumblr Throwback

Written: May 28

After church yesterday, I went to my room and nag-pplay lang ng kanta. Hindi ko sure kung na-touch/open ko accidentally. Pero bigla na lang nag-open yung Bible sa phone ko(I haven’t opened the Bible app in a long time na). It opened to this page.

Ezekiel 3:17-19
“17 Son of man, I have made you a watchman to the house of Israel; therefore hear the word from my mouth, and give them warning from me.
18 When I tell wicked people they will die because of their sins, you must warn them to turn from their sinful ways so they won’t be punished. If you refuse, you are responsible for their death.
19 However, if you do warn them, and they keeep on sinning, they will die be use of their sins, and you will be innocent.”

I read different versions of it and nakakatakot. So, I’m sharing it because I want everyone else around me to be saved as well.

Grabe lang kasi. Soul na yung pinag-uusapan, tapos ikaw ang responsable sa soul ng iba. Mabigat na responsibilidad yun ah.

[i-share niyo rin, please?]
*maybe, it’s a reminder to work for your salvation, it’s the single most important thing you’ll ever need in eternity





A very short lesson in Psychology:


  • When a person laughs too much, even on stupid things, that person is sad deep inside
  • When a person sleeps a lot, that person is lonely
  • When a person talks less and if he talks fast, that person is keeping a secret
  • When a person can’t cry, that person is weak
  • When a person eats in an abnormal way, that person is in tension
  • When a person cries on little things, that person is softhearted
  • When someone asks about you although that someone is busy, he/she really loves you